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News for Wed, 29 Dec 2004 17:10:58 +0000

DOOM 3 Xbox Collectors Edition revealed @ EB Games

by Wester | Permalink

Over at EB Games the collectors edition box and details of the DOOM 3 Xbox version has been unveiled, with also a new, earlier release date dubbed as February 1rst, 2005. It's not neccessarily official, but likely just speculation. Also, the collectors edition of DOOM 3 for the Xbox is to be priced at $59.99. Here's the features of the DOOM 3 Xbox collectors edition (that are not featured in the regular DOOM 3 Xbox package, of course!):
Exclusive Collector’s Edition includes:
• Full versions of the original ULTIMATE DOOM and DOOM II. With single player or deathmatch and co-op in 2-4 player split-screen modes.
• G4: VIDEO GAME TV “Icons” feature: “Behind the scenes of DOOM 3”
• Interviews with the id Software team
• Concept art: storyboard and sketch gallery

And the box shot:
DOOM 3 Xbox Collectors Edition box shot

Looks nice. Stay tuned for more details & info.

News for Sat, 18 Dec 2004 00:07:26 +0000

Co-Op Mod and more Expansion Details

by Wester | Permalink

Firstly over at doom3world.org the folks there are putting together a PC Co-Op mod for DOOM 3 - still in it's developement stage, only for linux and quite buggy - but looking good.

Secondly [I saw this over at PlanetDOOM], in the January 2005 issue of Game Informer, there will be more DOOM 3: Ressurection of Evil details, and the most notable highlights of them are:

RoE takes place two years after the events in DOOM 3
You play as a different marine this time around
Sent to assist Dr. Elizabeth McNeal in investigating a strange beacon on the planet
Betruger sends three demonic hunters after you when you discover a weapon known as the "Artifact"
When you defeat each hunter, their abilities are transferred into the Artifact
The abilities resemble, berseker, slow-mo and invulnerability and are all "stackable"
Roughly one half to two thirds as long as DOOM 3
Having the story revolve around two characters may bode well for co-op

Sounds good! smile

News for Wed, 15 Dec 2004 00:15:06 +0000

An Open DOOM movie regarding fan letter from David Callaham

by Wester | Permalink

DOOM movie script writer David Callaham has written an open letter to the fans regarding the DOOM movie's script changes, which can be found originally reported over at HomeLANFed here's a snip of it:
"The screenplay I wrote DOES differ in a number of ways from the games. I want to be very honest and forthcoming in saying that, and I know that I won't make any friends amongst the fans of the game in doing so. But it should be mentioned that it was never the goal of anyone involved in this film, from myself and the producers to the studio to the guys at id, to make a direct film adaptation of the game(s). The thought process has always been to create an extension of the Doom universe that will give fans an interesting new take on the themes that they've come to enjoy in the game. Because let's be honest here: as far as a completely immersive and cinematic experience, we were never going to top Doom 3 anyway, and we all knew that. Instead, we have toyed with some elements of the game, and yes, I am pretty much solely responsible for that, since it was my pitch and my screenplay that got made. Let me assure you, though, that the themes and elements that you love about Doom are ALL represented strongly in the film...just with some new twists."

Make sure to head on over to the entire letter for the whole read.

News for Fri, 10 Dec 2004 00:18:34 +0000

The DOOM 3 Mac Version reaches it's beta testing stage

by Wester | Permalink

Source: MacCentral
"Aspyr Media Inc. on Thursday said its Macintosh conversion of the hit action game from id Software Doom 3 has reached its beta development milestone. Doom 3 -- the first Mac game to require a G5 processor, according to Aspyr's preliminary specifications -- is expected to be released in February, 2005."

Good news for Mac Users who want the awesome experience of DOOM 3 on their Mac to boot!

News for Thu, 09 Dec 2004 04:14:36 +0000

More DOOM movie news and some [possibly fake] images

by Wester | Permalink

Well firstly the Internet Movie Database has updated their DOOM movie info page, this time meaning a few new cast members that [should] be in the new DOOM movie. These include, as their official character names will be in the movie, Dr Carmack, Destroyer, Duke, Baron, Goat, and some others.

There is also supposedly some image stills of some of the DOOM movie actors as well as sets and cards, that are possibly fake. Check them out at doom.aktualne.cz and decide for yourself!

News for Sat, 04 Dec 2004 15:19:41 +0000

More movie bits

by Paul | Permalink

Some more details on the DOOM movie is creeping out, Dark Horizons have a translated summary of an article that was originally was on Novinky, here's a snip:
"The story follows eight marines, teleported into a command centre of a secret base on a remote planet. There, they learn that something strange is happening and soon monsters start to appear. The monsters aren't from hell, but rather people mutated by some nasty super-virus although the monsters look very similar to those in the game.

One character is a technician called "Pinky" who has a cybernetic wheelchair thanks to a bad teleporting accident. Pinky later mutates into something remotely resembling a creature from Doom 3. Producers claim that the film will be more of a horror than an action shooter."

News for Fri, 03 Dec 2004 01:09:19 +0000

New WhUtDuFuK D3E interview

by Wester | Permalink

Thanks Spaniard, WhUtDuFuK have an interview up regarding the upcoming DOOM 3: Evolution mod, here's a quick quote:
"Spaniard: Do you have any particularly interesting environments in mind, or are you going to stick with the Phobos Base/ Hell layout?

D3E: It will have those standard map ideas but also Mars surface where
flare guns could add nice effects. There could be other areas but those are what we are focusing on. Also on a note on your question Phobo's base isn't in Doom 3 as its known as Mars City now."

Don't forget to head on over and give the full interview a read as it's an exceptional one.

News for Fri, 26 Nov 2004 19:42:38 +0000

Life After Doom - what now?

by Paul | Permalink

Nick P. Our resident writer dude, has whipped up a new feast for your souls, this time covering the new expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil and also touches on some post-D3 modding goodness.
"Let’s face it, the Doom 3 shotgun simply didn’t pack enough ‘oomph.’ Well, actually it did, but you’re getting something more powerful anyway. Yes, I’m talking 12 gauges of double-barrel goodness! Now, why they’re bringing in this gun, which is traditionally a powerful weapon with wide spread, is a mystery to me, because that’s pretty much how its single-barrelled counterpart behaves. I guess enough fans whined about it. A more sniper-like shotgun (like in the very first Doom) would’ve been better, in my honest (and humble) opinion, but I don’t program games for a living and I don’t have a Ferrari in my garage, so who am I to critique. Still, it boggles my mind how powerful this weapon is going to be. The standard Doom 3 shotgun could take down a Hell Knight with as little as three shots, so perhaps this is a bit of a stretch, but it makes no difference. As long as it makes that ‘ka-LUNK’ sound that made the original a classic, I think I’ll be happy."

Make sure to check the full article out, and if you've got any comments drop em on the forums.

News for Wed, 17 Nov 2004 15:21:21 +0000

DOOM 3 SDK v2.0 released

by Wester | Permalink

Over at iddev.net id Software have released the second version of the DOOM 3 SDK, featuring support for vehicles, the Linux SDK, the Maya Importer Source, a bunch of fixes, and a lot more! Check it out, modders....

News for Fri, 12 Nov 2004 23:59:48 +0000

Making of DOOM 3 book review

by Wester | Permalink

HomeLAN Fed have a review up of the "Making of DOOM 3" book.
"The next chapters look at the enemies, levels and weapons in Doom 3 in detail with comments from the animators, level design, and art teams from the game accompanied by artwork and detailed screenshots from the game itself. The final two portions of the book concentrate on the games engine, with the first part being a detailed interview with id’s John Carmack as he goes in heavy technical detail on the game’s graphics (there is even a glossary at the end of the interview with definitions of some of the terms used by Carmack for the less technically inclined reader). The second part of the Doom 3 engine portion of the book looks at other technical aspects of the game, from the GUI interface design to sound and AI development to creating scripted sequences of the game."

News for Tue, 09 Nov 2004 02:33:23 +0000

News in the DOOM world

by Wester | Permalink

OK id Software has finally completed the Making of DOOM 3 Book available at amazon.com for $13.99.

In other news d3hq.com have a review up of the new DOOM 3 headset / voice control which you might wanna check out as well.

Oh and Fred Nilson (AKA Fredo) of id Software has updated his .plan file stating that he's decided to leave id Software and join the movie picture corporation again, DreamWorks in this case. Good luck Fred Nilson! wink

Here's the full run-down:

Name: Fred Nilsson
Description: Animator
November 8th 2004

The time has come for me to leave id Software and head back to the movie industry.

I couldn't of asked for a better experience in coming to the game industry.
I mean.... I got to work on Doom3..... !!!

The guys at id are super talented, and i'll absolutely miss being around every one of them.
Thanks Ms. Donna for always being in a good mood and keeping us all in check... and full of food.. =)
I learned a ton about the game industry and making games, and I am very gratefull for the opportunity to come out here and work with these guys..

I'll definately still be playing the games, and most likely hanging on IRC still. So don't be a stranger....

Anyone up for a game of q3tourney6_ctf?

Oh.. and don't think I won't be coming to Quakecon..

It was a very difficult decision, but in the end it just came down to me missing
working on film.
I'm heading to Dreamworks in LA.
The first movie I'll be working on is called "Over the Hedge"

Take care..

-Fredrik 'Fredo' Nilsson

News for Fri, 05 Nov 2004 20:01:29 +0000

Todd H. updates his .plan file

by Wester | Permalink

Yes Todd Hollenshead of id Software has updated his plan file with some tid bits like how DOOM 3 has sold over a million copies and how the Xbox version port is going with Vicarious Visions.

Name: Todd Hollenshead
Description: CEO

We've recently received word that DOOM 3 has already sold over 1 million copies at retail! A huge "Thank You!" to all of the fans out there who have purchased a copy of the game.

We continue to work hard on completing the Xbox version of the game with Vicarious Visions and the PC Mission Pack with Nerve. Those are both looking outstanding.

News for Fri, 05 Nov 2004 19:02:41 +0000

DOOM 3 picks up Golden Joystick awards

by Paul | Permalink

DOOM 3 fighting off some fierce competition, has won twice at the Golden Joystick awards. Picking up best PC game and the ultimate game awards.

News for Thu, 04 Nov 2004 23:00:34 +0000

Aspyr Media, Inc to bring you the DOOM 3 Mac version port

by Wester | Permalink

Yup Aspyr Media, Inc will be the ones publishing the DOOM 3 mac port developed by id Software of course for all those Mac gamer hungry users that are still urging a DOOM 3 experience on the Mac. Aspyr have been reporting that DOOM 3 on the Mac will require a 1.5GHz G5 CPU or faster with 384MB of RAM (512MB of RAM recommended), 2.2GB of free hard disk space, an ATi Radeon 8500 or GeForce3 graphics card or better with at least 32MB of VRAM, and a DVD optical disc-drive. Similiar to the PC requirements, so Mac's DOOM 3 port doesn't seem to be too far away on the horizon now.

News for Fri, 29 Oct 2004 14:51:00 +0000

Playboy to interview John Carmack

by Wester | Permalink

Yes in Playboy's November 2004 issue they'll be putting up a 20 question interview with John Carmack of id Software. Here's the provided snoop of the 20 questions:
"PLAYBOY: What is the best video game of all time?

CARMACK: The quintessential game that has influenced a lot of my game design is Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis. It's a really simple game: Go fast and be really cool. You don't need 20 little gadgets and gizmos."

Look out for the November 2004 issue of Playboy for the rest of the 20 questions.

News for Wed, 27 Oct 2004 22:51:59 +0000

DOOM 3 Xbox now slated for March 2005

by Wester | Permalink

According to Gamespot, Activision president Ron Doornink is now reporting that the DOOM 3 Xbox version will miss its 2004 release date as Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software predicted and will hit a March 2005 release date, which is also the same release date the DOOM 3 Expansion "Resurrection of Evil" is set for. Even though many online and local electronics gaming store retailers are still claiming a December 2004 release date. This also gives Halo 2 a lot of breathing time.

News for Mon, 25 Oct 2004 17:02:40 +0000

DOOM 3 expansion - Resurrection of Evil

by Paul | Permalink

Just had this little press release drop into my inbox.

Santa Monica, CA – October 25, 2004 – id Software™ and Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) will unleash an all-new assault on humanity with DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil™, the official expansion pack to the fastest selling PC first- person action game ever in the U.S., according to NPD Techworld. Co-developed by Nerve Software and id Software, DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil continues the terrifying and intense action of the already classic DOOM 3, which Maxim and Computer Gaming World awarded “five out of five stars” and the Associated Press called “one of the scariest games ever made.” Through the discovery of a timeless and evil artifact you now hold the powers of Hell in your hands, and the demons have come to hunt you down and take it back. Following the events of DOOM 3 and featuring new locations, characters and weapons, including the return of the double-barreled shotgun, DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil expands the terrifying action that fans and critics have been raving about. The title will require the full retail version of DOOM 3, and has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

“DOOM 3 defines first-person cinematic action, and the expansion pack continues right where we left off – with a terrifying atmosphere, a new story and one of the most classic weapons ever, the double-barreled shotgun,” states Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. “Now that fans have survived the horrors and edge of your seat action of the original, DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil delivers players deeper into the heart of the UAC to uncover new secrets and technology used to destroy the demon force that’s Hell-bent on destroying you.”

Building on the most advanced game engine ever created, DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil continues the frightening and gripping single player experience of the blockbuster original. The title also features even more multiplayer action with support for up to eight players in all new maps.

News for Mon, 25 Oct 2004 01:34:41 +0000

The DOOM movie moves into the production phase

by Wester | Permalink

About 2 days ago over at Toms Hardware they've now stated that there is no more speculation of the DOOM movie, it's moved into post production and can be expected to be in world wide theaters on August 5th, 2005.
"Chicago (IL) - No more speculations about a possible Doom movie: Film production company Universal Pictures announced on its website that the movie based on the popular first-person-shooter game recently has gone into production and will be released on August 5 next year."

Remain tuned for more DOOM movie news as a deluge of it will probably be upon us all soon.

News for Sun, 24 Oct 2004 02:23:15 +0000

DOOM 3 Linux SDK Compiler

by Wester | Permalink

Over at Doom3World.org one of the forum members (Dante_uk if you must know the specific name) built a DOOM 3 Linux SDK compiler builder for those Linux urging users. In other words Linux DOOM 3 owners will be able to create mods now and what not. Check out the thread itself for the instructions on the SDK Linux compiler, the SDK code and more details/info.

News for Wed, 20 Oct 2004 14:58:53 +0000

id Software calls for Ink

by Wester | Permalink

Yep Todd H., CEO of id has updated his plan file with a request for artists, ink and tattoes for some fun contest, not that it's a real one.
"Name: Todd Hollenshead
Description: CEO

First off, for DOOM 3 bargain shoppers, several retailers are running special ad prices this week at $39.99,
including Best Buy and CompUSA. Check your local circular ads.

Secondly, the subject of id-related tattoos came up during some water cooler talk last week. I've seen some
pretty amazing ink on some folks: a guy has the Quake II invulnerability powerup tattooed across his back (shoulder to shoulder); the "stuck car mudwrestle girl" with the Quake 3 logo at the bottom of her back; a girl with interlocking Q-Q2-Q3A logos on the back of her neck; a guy with an ankle-to-knee Quake II logo, and there are several others. I know there must be a ton out there that no one here even knows about, but we think they're pretty cool, and might even be worth having a contest to get people to send us pics of their tats.

So, here's the deal: email me a genuine id-related tattoo photo of you or someone you know who has one. It's probably best to take a couple different pics if you can. Whoever has the best legitimate tattoo, judged in my sole discretion (with maybe some help from the team) will get one free copy of DOOM 3 + strategy guide + new "Making Of DOOM 3" book and I'll sign the game box for you. Now, I'm not trying to encourage people to go out and get a tattoo - this is supposed to be for those who already have one. If we get enough cool entries, the idea is that we'll compile and frame all the photos and put them in a big frame to hang on the wall here at id. That's a pretty good consolation prize if you don't get the game/guide/book.

This isn't an "official" contest, so I'm not going to post lengthy lawyerly rules. But, it needs to be your own tattoo. You can't take a pic of someone else and get the stuff that way. Photoshops don't count. Temporary tattoos don't count. The definition of "id-related" is in my sole discretion, but logos and art from the games work. You need to email the photo to me at toddh@idsoftware.com with TATTOO as the subject. If you have the best tat, I'll contact you later for details using the email address you sent the photo from. Please don't send files that are so big that they will choke my email client (i.e. be reasonable).

This should be fun. When it's all done, if we get a good response and put all the pics together and frame them, I'll post a photo up on the front page of our website or something so eveyone who sends a photo can see what the final deal looks like hanging on the wall here."

Even older items.

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